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I like to say I’m on a book tour for God’s Book—the Bible! I openly and transparently share my life, my hurts, my mistakes, my past, my relationships, my silliness, and the power of the ONE who loves me right where I am. It’s my passion to encourage others to know and apply the power of God’s Word to their everyday lives. He (the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us-John 1:14) will CHANGE your life!

I also love sharing my theatre, singing, costumes, props and stories to communicate His great love in the best self-help BOOK ever written!

I said out loud to God the other morning; “Nobody knows me like You do, God. And yet, You take me, the Debbie girl, with all my pride and selfishness and You use me to encourage others! I mean I am the least likely to follow something like Ephesians 5:20; “Give thanks FOR things” or Luke 6:28; “Bless those who curse you” because I thought these were the ‘crazy verses!’” But I tried them, applied them and PEACE came, (a true “peace that passes understanding” peace, like being wrapped in a nice warm duvet comforter on an “Icebox” winter night).

Sometimes I FEEL so incompetent but I KNOW I’m God’s daughter and He’s called me to share my life with others, my life with His everyday REAL WORKING WORD! Moses said in Exodus 4:10; “I’m no speaker” but God told him, “I AM!” Well I’m sure glad He’s working it out with me too…everyday.