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I like to say I’m on a book tour for God’s Book—the Bible! I openly and transparently share my life, my hurts, my mistakes, my past, my relationships, my silliness, and the power of the ONE who loves me right where I am. It’s my passion to encourage others to know and apply the power of God’s Word to their everyday lives. He (the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us-John 1:14) will CHANGE your life!

I also love sharing my theatre, singing, costumes, props and stories to communicate His great love in the best self-help BOOK ever written!

I said out loud to God the other morning; “Nobody knows me like You do, God. And yet, You take me, the Debbie girl, with all my pride and selfishness and You use me to encourage others! I mean I am the least likely to follow something like Ephesians 5:20; “Give thanks FOR things” or Luke 6:28; “Bless those who curse you” because I thought these were the ‘crazy verses!’” But I tried them, applied them and PEACE came, (a true “peace that passes understanding” peace, like being wrapped in a nice warm duvet comforter on an “Icebox” winter night).

Sometimes I FEEL so incompetent but I KNOW I’m God’s daughter and He’s called me to share my life with others, my life with His everyday REAL WORKING WORD! Moses said in Exodus 4:10; “I’m no speaker” but God told him, “I AM!” Well I’m sure glad He’s working it out with me too…everyday.

Susie wrote:

“I loved listening to your stories. You so easily get us laughing, and then bring it back around to an important point and Biblical teaching, and then more laughs. I just loved it! I appreciate YOUR gifts! Way to take the message to the people, girl!”

LeeAnn wrote:

“I was totally blessed by you and your words this weekend. I loved the theatrical aspect and your personal stories. I loved how you relayed certain scriptures like it was the first time we had heard them, and the first time you were telling someone. It keeps it so fresh and new. It gave it all a visual for me, which I so need. I also think you are really pleasant to look at. I mean, you have really cute hair, pretty eyes, and adorable cardigans. But, you don’t seem to have any ego whatsoever. I am so glad that you were there, and I am glad that you were so real and candid about things.”

Jenny wrote:

“You’re the BOMB! Through God, your words spoke volumes to so many of us! I delighted in your songs, self-decorations-(costumes), actions and your “tangents,” which always came full circle to speak a truth that I needed to hear!”

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